Question by LOST_fanatic:)!: What are some general strategies for dealing with unemployment?
What are some general strategies for dealing with unemployment?
compare the typical untied states approach to unemployment to that of other countries ( does the US tend to use different strategies?)

Discuss the strategies used by the european governments and determine which general startegy they fall under

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Answer by bainaashanti
Sounds like a homework question! I know a few things that would help with unemployment is if major employers like the US government would relax their policies on hiring former felony offenders. At this point you just pretty much can’t get a federal, state or city government job, not even as a janitor, if you have a felony record and that’s preposterous! If a person has supposedly paid their debt to society and been rehabilitated, why won’t the government give them a chance to earn an honest living? Many other employers are that way as well, and it leads to people not being able to get a job that pays a livable wage and turning back to crime. I can see not giving a bank robber a job at a bank and not giving an embezzler a job as an accountant, but what about letting the guy who cashed bad checks work for the people who repair the streets? Why can’t the former drug dealer work in the sanitation department? When our country stops being a do as I say not as I do kind of place, we’ll see all kinds of improvements, including a reduction in unemployment.

Also, you should not need to have a high school degree to work at McDonald’s. Yes, if you are over 18, McDonald’s will not hire you without a diploma or GED. Figure that one out!

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