Question by Lashaun S: How to boost my credit score without getting a credit card?
I have paid off hundreds of dollars in debt. None was credit cards mainly hospital bills. Now all i have on my credit is my car and two student loans thats deferred. I have never been late on my carnote and my loans are not in default. My credit score is 555. I am trying to purchase a house now but cant. Everyone wants me to get 2-3 secured cards to boost my score. I dont understand how getting debt helps me. Is there anyway around getting cards to boost my score? Someone please help i am at my wits end.

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Answer by wrnbby
We were in a similar situation a few months ago. We didnt even have a car loan, and no credit cards-thus no debt. we couldnt get a car loan..its frustrating! If you are really opposed to a cc, you basically need a revolving line of credit to raise your score, and the longer you maintain an account in good standing etc.. Things like home loans etc something that proves that you are not a risk… I think CCs are sadly the easiest way to raise the score quickly. We basically got a capital one card a few months ago, because they report to the bureau every month- and we use it to pay a bill, then i turn around and use the bill money to pay the CC. You dont need to carry a balance for your CCs to raise your score, it just helps to use it monthly and pay it off. If you havent already you should look at credit karma, they give some suggestions on how to get your score up.

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