Question by dinoboy: Why Am I getting These Debt Collecting Calls For Someone Else?
I’ve been getting debt collecting calls looking for Mrs. Nowak. She happens to be my sister, but she doesn’t live with me. If she is the one in debt, then why are they calling me looking for her? I’m sure that she didn’t give them my phone number upon filling out those forms to get her loan. Is there a way to find out and prevent this once and for all? I have the Telezapper device that seems to help me.

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Answer by Ed Atun
You are getting the calls because they stumbled upon your number and they won’t give up calling you. They are hoping that you will get tired of the calls and make an effort to find the real Mrs. Nowak ( in your case you have already “found” her). You can write a letter to them asking them to not telephone you again. They are supposed to honor that request but many don’t. It is worth a try.

Or you could ask your sister to call the collection agency and offer them 5 cents for every dollar she owes. They might accept that offer. In many states they have 6 years to collect the debt. Find out how old it is.

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